The Ukrainian people will never forget the generosity and support of the international community at our time of greatest need. Every single donation – no matter how small – helps us to defend ourselves and to protect our cherished freedom.

Making a secure donation is easy to do using your existing bank card or through Google Pay 

All proceeds received go directly to supporting the front-line defence of Ukraine.

Currency exchange rate reminder (source: National Bank of Ukraine; date: 1 March 2022 )

World currencies Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH)
1 US Dollar = 29.25 UAH
1 British Pound = 39.74 UAH
1 Euro = 33.17 UAH
1 Canadian Dollar = 23.04 UAH
1 Australian Dollar = 21.26 UAH
1 Polish Zloty = 7.29 UAH
1 Japanese Yen = 0.26 UAH
1 Swedish Krona 3.14 UAH
1 Danish Krone = 4.45 UAH
1 Swiss Franc = 31.8 UAH
1 New Zealand Dollar = 19.88 UAH

Donate to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Ministry of Defenсe of Ukraine

Bank and card transfers to the Armed Forces of Ukraine: 

  • Bank transfer to a special fundraising account to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine, opened by the National Bank of Ukraine 

The number of the special account: UA843000010000000047330992708

This account accepts multiple currencies. It has been established and opened to receive transfers from international partners and donors in both foreign currency (U.S. dollars, euros, UK pounds) and hryvnias.

Card transfer option is here 

Bank transfer to the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine: 

The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine now accepts direct donations for material, medical and logistical support in foreign currencies:

Beneficiary Customer (Name):  The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, 6, Povitroflotskiy Pr., Kyiv, Ukraine, 03168

IBAN (account number):  UA963223130000025307010029738

* Currency of Bank Account (only accepts the following currencies):     US dollars; Euro; British Pound sterling; Swiss francs; Canadian dollars; Polish zloty; Czech crowns; Russian roubles; Australian dollars.


Bank Address: 127, Antonovycha Str., Kyiv, Ukraine, 03150


Payment description (Obligatory Remittance Information): Donation for the logistic and medical support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (UA458201720313281002302018611)

Crypto donations

Send crypto payments to Ukraine’s official wallets: 

Wallets supporting the National Police, the National Guard, the State Border Guard Service and the State Emergency Service of Ukraine: 

  • Ethereum – 0x76136B4d578Df727B132053d9a392eeF202F9a80
  • Bitcoin –  bc1qdcg86r4rcgf9s6y9nxtyl80xxz62sunw9nevzr
  • TRX – TMoeioXTNK1xowtuXFQxnFnf5ZLEJmu7y7
  • USDT – TMoeioXTNK1xowtuXFQxnFnf5ZLEJmu7y7
  • BNB – 0x76136B4d578Df727B132053d9a392eeF202F9a80

Another option:

Card transfer (secure donations via Ukraine’s major digital bank Monobank): 

Once a day, Monobank transfers all received funds to the main account at the National Bank of Ukraine to help the Ukrainian army.  

Beware of fake fundraisers!

The Russian government and other potential criminals are trying to disrupt fundraising efforts by creating fake campaigns. Please trust ONLY the resources listed here and double-check the URLs!