About Us

Bearded Only is a custom wood products company.

We are Igor and Maryna - creators of Bearded Only. At our workshop, we make various wooden products with inspirational designs.

Est. in 2014 by one family with passion in our hearts, we keep growing into a strong team. We enjoy the whole process - from the idea to the ready-made product we offer. We want to share with you things that are important to us. So, first of all, this is a family business that started 8 years ago. Wow, 8 years? Time flows fast. These 8 years taught us a lot!

Igor Fostenko has come a long way, from a homeless teenager to a successful business owner, a husband, and a father of four. His family story is a testimony of what determination, willpower, and faith can do.

We have great experience in production of quality products, more than 30 thousands happy customers all over the world and 8 years experience in international delivery - 100% guarantee that we won't let you down!